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     These days, it’s hard to know what to believe. My son, Josh claims that he is a science writer for NASA. To enter into the building where he works, I would need security clearance. So, I can never see his office. My daughter-in-law, Barbara is an attorney. She cannot talk about her clients, and, for that reason, I never ask her questions about her work.

    I can’t visit my son’s place of business, and I can’t ask questions about my daughter-in-law’s clients. They both claim that they have jobs. So, I have to take them at their word. I guess if I asked too many questions they’d have to kill me.

    I have a friend whose son is a trial lawyer.  I asked her, “Have you ever gone to court to watch him in action?” “No,” she replied. “Why would I want to do that?” Then, when I asked her, “Are you sure that he’s a lawyer?” she looked at me as if I am nuts.

    I say, “Give me the evidence!”

    When I was a journalist, I used to call people on the phone to get statements from them. I also interviewed people in person. Some of these people were celebrities, titans in business or politicians. No one ever asked for my credentials.  I had them, but no one ever asked. In those days, people used to trust each other to tell the truth. Naturally,  sometimes, given human nature, that was a mistake, but most of the time people were pretty forthright.

    Recently, we were told by our President, “Don’t believe anything you hear or anything you see.”
    That is easy if you are Helen Keller. To add to the confusion, Trump will twitter something in the early morning, and then contradict himself that very evening. So, I don’t know if I’m supposed to be a morning person or an evening person.

    Everybody claims that the other person is lying, and semantics are really taking a beating. For instance: Did the President “ban” a reporter from a press conference, or did he just not let her into the room? Obviously, she wasn’t in, so that means she was out. He could claim that he wasn’t “banning” her, but that he was only “barring” her from entering.  On the other hand, everyone knows that Trump never goes into a bar, so it “Never happened!” even if there were lots of witnesses.

    Mark Zuckerberg, the Father of Facebook, promised to remove lies and liars, who cause harm with “fake information,”on Facebook. However, he will allow Holocaust deniers, because he figures, they don’t cause harm, because they are just ignorant about historical facts, and that they don’t know they are hurting anyone. So, letting Jew haters come out the the woodwork to incite anti-semitism with lies is okay, because they are just plain stupid. Pleading ignorance of the law won’t prevent a person from getting a traffic ticket, but fomenting lies about Jews is acceptable. Mark also claims that he is Jewish, so I guess that’s supposed to make it okay. I hope his Mommy is proud of him and that her stock keeps dropping down the rabbit hole.

    We do live in crazy times. Taking babies from their Mother’s arms is okay, until it’s not and then, “Oops,” we’ve lost some of the babies. Playing footsie with dictators is lots of fun, until foot fungus becomes too much of an irritant, and playtime has to be cancelled. Truth seeking journalists are branded as “enemies of the people,” and sham universities are awarded more funds to hoodwink unsuspecting students.  

    Unbelievable! Up is Down,—-and Down is Up—- and the whole world is topsy curvy.

    Consequently, I think, that as a tribute to the Constitution of the United States,  our National Anthem should now become the Louis Jordan song from 1943—-
    “Is you is, or Is you Ain’t, my Baby? The way you acting lately makes me doubt—“

    Doubting and questioning are good! That is—unless they’re not!

    Esther Blumenfeld (Tom and Jerry have my vote)

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