Here and There

“See nothing. That’s like the detective Hercule Poiriot coming into a room and saying, ‘Touch nothing.’ Have you ever tried to do that? You have to be really quick.’'



  • Becca: A writer
  • Aaron: Becca’s deceased husband
  • Joshua: Their son, an actor
  • Sherlyn: An editor and friend
  • Teddy: Sherlyn’s husband a photographer

HERE AND THERE is a comedy based on the true story of the life and death of Aaron, a scholar and humorist. Humor provides insights into the past, and illuminates the future, for the characters in the play. Each of them is affected by his death, but with his help they ultimately discover how to get to “Here” (the present) from “There” (the past).

The characters, places and events are based on truth. The Chinese/Italian restaurant, the Hot Body Shop, the weird grief group, the faux author, the infested painting, the untimely death of a thesis, and an oxymoronic radio interview are all true.

HERE AND THERE had its world premiere at the Detroit Repertory Theatre November 6 through December 28, 2003. The production was directed by Bruce Millan with the following cast: Amyre Makupson (Becca), John Forman (Aaron), Jeff Thomakos (Josh), Herman McCain (Teddy), Milfordean Luster (Sherlyn).


Under Midwestern Stars

“Rosh Hashanah morning was the opening day of pheasant hunting season in South Dakota, so the men had to check their shotguns outside the synagogue door. I prayed for the pheasants.” 





  • Papa (Joseph): A rabbi                       
  • Mama (Lena): Joseph's wife
  • Rachel: Their daughter

UNDER MIDWESTERN STARS is based on a true story that takes place in the heartland of America and spans from 1939 to 1954. A young rabbi of the Liberal German Jewish Movement, his wife and child escape Germany after Kristallnacht, and begin their life in America at the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, where they struggle with the English language and encounter the Geek from Philadelphia. From Missouri, “Papa” becomes the only rabbi in South Dakota. Then they move to Indiana where they confront bigotry head on. The events in Europe are contrasted with the events in the United States. The comedic and historical elements in the play are accurate, as are the encounters with well-known people.

UNDER MIDWESTERN STARS had its world premiere at the Kansas City Repertory Theatre May 11 through June 3, 2007. The production was produced by Peter Altman and directed by Stephen Rothman with the following cast: Autumn Dornfeld (Rachel), Crista Moore (Mama), Mark Mineart (Papa).


Father's Ashes

“I was telling your Mother that Leo is very adventuresome.  When we got off the ship in Viet Nam, he insisted that we eat at one of the local restaurants.  He is fearless!  We walked down the street until he found a place that suited him.  He said, ‘If it’s good enough for the locals, it’s perfect for us. It’s the only way to take in the flavor of the Country.’ As we entered the restaurant, the owner greeted us.  Leo, said, ‘Do you speak English?’ And the owner, said, ‘Yes, I do.’ ‘Perfect,’ says Leo.  ‘Do you serve dog here?’ ‘Oh, yes.” Says the owner. ‘Well, says Leo. We don’t want that!’”



  • Boaz: A mathematics teacher in his 20’s
  • Caleb: A medical student in his 20’s
  • Hannah: A 50-year-old homemaker
  • Jonah: Hannah’s husband
  • Naomi: Hannah’s older sister

Hannah, a 50-year-old homemaker finds life has taken a seismic turn when her husband, Jonah, leaves a message on the answering machine asking for a divorce. They have two sons in their 20s, Caleb, a medial student, and Boaz, a teacher of mathematics. Naomi, Hanna’s older sister, arrives to take care of the situation--just as Jonah falls off his apartment balcony and lands back home.