Friday, September 28, 2018 at 10:15AM
Esther Blumenfeld

Recently, I have been thinking about things that make no sense, such as, when someone says;
“The truth is not the truth,” which I am sure is not the truth. However, some non-sensicals  are more benign than others.

For instance, I recently had my eye exam, and the technician told me, “With your glasses you have 20x20 vision.” Then she said,”Do you want a new prescription?” When I replied, “Why would I need a new prescription if I have 20x20 vision?” She said, “I am required to ask everyone.”

My Allstate Insurance Company raises my rates every year because of my age, and then they send me a check twice a year for being a good driver. Makes no sense to me!

My doctor recommended that I get the new Shingrix vaccine to prevent shingles.  It was advertised in magazines and newspapers, and in every pharmacy in Tucson. Good suggestion!
However, no vaccine has been available anywhere for 6 months.

Why is it that when someone asks, “What do you think?” and I tell her, She will reply, “Do you really think so?”

Here are some other things that make no sense to me: When the sign on the bench reads, “Wet Paint,” why do people have to touch the bench to see if it is really wet? Do they have an insatiable desire for green fingers?

Okay!  Everyone knows that square pegs won’t fit into round holes. So why does it make sense to put round pizzas into square boxes?

Going through security at airports is a new adventure when you get old. No one used to ask me, “Do you have an artificial hip or a knee?” However, no one ever asks, “Do you have a plate in your head?” I guess a simple “No” covers it all. Years ago, while strolling down a street in San Francisco, a boy, rudely yelled at my husband, “Do you have the time?” Warren looked down at his wrist and shouted back, “Yes, I do,” and we ambled on.  Made sense to me.

Does it make sense to buy chicken fingers or fish sticks? And I am still confused about artificial intelligence. Either you’ve got it or you don’t! Why does the dental technician ask me a question when she has both a drill and a spit suction line in my mouth? That is non-sensical.

So, Can I ask my readers a question?  Never mind—-I just did.


Esther Blumenfeld

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